Web trust? Brand rep more important than medium

brandiron.jpg Buy your own steak branding iron from Wal-Mart…

The Guardian´s reliably informative Jemima Kiss reports on an AOP survey of 27,000 web users finding, and I quote her…
“More than three-quarters of newspaper and magazine readers regard web publications as just as trustworthy and reliable as their print counterparts, according to research. The UK’s Association of Online Publishers found that 81% of newspaper readers and 74% of magazine readers felt print and online media were equally trustworthy,publishing details today of its dual consumption survey into user attitudes and behaviour.
And online media are as reliable as newspapers and magazines, according to 72% of of
newspaper readers and 66% of magazine readers. Out of newspaper readers, 13% said they had more trust in the print product, and 7% had more trust in online.

In magazines, a fifth of readers trusted the print product more and 7% trusted a
title’s website. Researchers concluded that the brand was more important than the medium, with 60% of respondents saying they used both print and online for different consumption needs. Two thirds said web information was easier to access than print and that the
internet was faster for finding information.

Wonder if this extrapolates to bloggers, too?

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