PR and rep mgmt; what's love got to do with it?

Presenting on PR disasters (and how to avoid), PR proponents regularly tell me that the challenge is not understanding the need for reputation plus character management, but in convincing their paymasters of the need to let PR’s manage both streams. Up here in Asia, I’ve been inspired by a new-found quote from Shinzo Maeda, Global Prez & CEO of (cosmetics co) Shiseido:
“We will continue to provide products and services such as cosmetics that facilitate health and beauty. And as we do so we will also seek to earn the love of people around the world, doing our best to ensure that every individual can enjoy ‘This moment. This Life. Beautifully’.”

Poetic inspiration aside, Maeda clearly gets the whole notion of corporate social responsibility, rather than just see it as an addition marketing channel. Of course, this won’t harm Shiseido in enjoying the manifold benefits of CSR including:
Development of new stakeholder alliances
Enhanced reputation
Improved community goodwill
Indulgence of media influencers in times of duress
Staff commitment, pride and loyalty.

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