CEO blogger socks his own reputation in the kisser

shari-lewis-1.jpg Shari Lewis with her hand stuffed in a knitted sock called Lamb Chops.

Via a paid article at the International Herald Tribune (lovely work byBrad Stone and Matt Richtel) comes the PR disaster involving the CEO of Whole Foods (USA) – John Mackey – who has been caught blog posting as a fictional person (aka ‘sock-puppeting’), in order to ‘dis’ the competition and support his own corporate aims, i.e. boost a flaggingstock price. Bloggers at 21stcenturymediarelations, and are already guffawing in disbelief at this stunt, which is set to ruin another CEO’s reputation. Most bizarrely (and revealingly) the CEO concerned (or concerned CEO) has been saying nice things (as the not-he) about his own haircut (true!!). Of course, this Shari Lewis-inspired practice is not new, still no-one ever learns how easy it is to trace electronic code (as I recently proved to a slippery Toyota dealer in Australia). Mackey joins a growing list of bigwigs (Conrad Black) politicians (Tad Furtado) and even Pulitzer prizewinning journalists (Michael Hiltzik) who’ve used web invisibility to try disparage their enemies and paddle their own canoes. In dem canoes tho,only place they go is sh1t creek.

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