Wanna learn a thing or two about PR from Paris Hilton?

Real estate and training co The Learning Annex has supposedly offered Paris $1million to host an hour-long ‘Masterclass’ seminar entitled ‘How To Build Your Brand’. If she accepts she will join the Annex speaking roster, which already boasts Donald Trump, Anthony Robbins and Geo ‘Grill’ Foreman and the dudes from ‘The Secret’. The Annex specialises in Real Estate and Wealth Creation education for money-mad millionaires in the making, and are showing themselves to be no slouches on the PR front…In putting up this bounty, they get a great big bite of the media cherry for their own brand. If she declines it was nothing ventured, a whole lot gained situation. If she accepts, the media exposure for her reincarnation as a brand educator will far outweigh the million dollar fee cost. Drawbacks? What does this tell you about the real educational content of Annex events? How cross-transferable would the Paris Principles be into corporate or non-celeb fields? What if it’s deemed a farce by marketing and PR pontificators? Shoot; what do they know…after all, she’s the brand with the dollars to prove it!

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