PR disasters for Iggy Pop, a Journo, Scientology and Career One

Iggy_pop.jpgIt’s another rather routine, Guardian-inspired, Chai-sipping day here at PR Disaster central; Iggy Pop’s PC shortcomings seem to have taken some people by surprise after he referred to a ‘Paki(stani) shop’ in an interview on British radio. Mind your P’s and C’s Mr Osterberg, please.
A trade magazine journalist has had his contacts book (and possibly future livelihood) impounded by his previous employers. Salutory warning for all re perils of mixing professional and personal contacts on work-owned softwares and systems. (Tho this guy planned to set up a rival company to his then employers!!).
There’s talk of Germany banning not-so-high priest of Scientology Tom Cruise from filming in their country on religious grounds (careful Fritz, surely thin ice territoy that one?)
And we hear that Aussie job site Career One has exposed almost 6000 confidential client files online, in a gaffe that saw some clients (mainly corporate advertisers) referred to as ‘retards’ and ‘lazy good for nothing’. While a Career One spokesperson said in a statement. “We take security and privacy issues extremely seriously and are currently reviewing our practices as a matter of urgency,” they weren’t aware of the problem until alerted by a company outsider. This suggests that there was no online checking or monitoring of Career One’s online presence, as the files had appeared online for around 1 month. Does that sound like taking security and privacy that seriously, when you only respond after being externally notified, rather than finding and fixing yourself?

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