Three questions a veteran NZ journo will ask you

Professor Brendan Gray of the University of Otago recalls his time in comms practice in New Zealand. Brendan told me the only questions the old school Kiwi journos used to ask when you were pitching a story to them were:
“What’s the guts?” (the essence of the pitch)
“Y’aren’t bullshittin’ me, are ya?”
“What’s the benefit to ?”
This followed on from my presentation assertion – via an Aussie journo mate – who said there’s only 3 stories from a journalist’s view:
Tut tut!
That’s weird
Poor bastard
Provides a handy frame for setting up your story pitches doesn’t it?

PS: Belated thanks to Auckland Ports PR team and CFO for their great and generous company during my NZ stay; ta guys.

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