Ad assoc finds anti-junk food PR hard to swallow

“I’m a Lady” Peta Buscombe, chief exec of the UK’s Advertising Association is angry at the involvement of farmers groups in the anti-junk food lobby agency, Sustain, writes Media Guardian. Clearly Richard Watts and his PR team’s ‘sustained’ lobby efforts must be going well then. Sustain wants a complete TV ban on junk food ads pre-9pm. Sustain has assembled a cast of advocate supporters that includes 300 organisations, over 300 Lords and peers as well as 12,000 mops (members of public) including a cohort of cholesterol combatting celebs.
Lady Buscombe wails that Ads are a soft target and Ad bans are not a complete ‘cure all’; But if you lop off the low hanging fruit first, getting into the rotting trunk (daft metaphor I know) should be easier. Her protestations against the campaign for healthier kids eating habits may suggest a few things:
*The one way comms model of advertising is feeling the pinch of prole pressure
*The Ad industry is more out of step with consumer sentiment than the food industries that her (Peta’s) Ad fellows represent
*Sustain’s effective stakeholder engagement strategies have won them many potent allies
*The Advertising Association needs more effective (collaborative) PR representation themselves

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