Blogging journalist bemoans PR spamming

Friend of Simon Sharwood (the jargonmaster himself) is not a happy scribe. He’s cheesed off by the PR practice of several agencies – he points a journo’s ink-stained digit at Text 100, Howarth and Lewis – who keep sending him press releases despite his repeated requests for them not to. Seven times plus he’s said don’t send me this stuff for which I’ve no interest in, need for or journalistic links to. Interestingly, the smaller agencies seem to hear him first time round.
At this rate, these three firms are gonna end up on the PRSA award-winning, Bad Pitch Blog. Oh, and ignoring Simon doesnt make him and his journalistic cohort feel any warmer to any of the other clients on your roster. Time to invest in a decent CRM system to underpin your media relations activities, guys?

One thought on “Blogging journalist bemoans PR spamming

  1. Gerry – Thanks for the link and noting the award. We’re a good place to land sometimes as we also accept good pitches.

    Should one of THOSE ever land in your in box, feel free to send it along.



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