Top Tory PR job goes to tainted 'sleaze rag' journalist

Maybe the appointment of another senior journo to a top PR job perpetuates the myth that PR equates to Press Relations?
In what’s billed in some quarters (OK, one Guardian story) as a coup and in others as an ‘interesting move’, the UK Tory party has appointed Andy Coulson as its Director of Communications. Coulson, ex-editor of News of the World, resigned after being embroiled in the scandal where his staff member (NOTW Royal Editor Clive Goodman) used a private dick to ‘screw’ (break into) the mobile phones of Princes Wills and Harry to find out juicy gossip. Said to be David Cameron’s version of Blair’s sultan of spin, Alistair Campbell, Coulson is respected as a streetwise Fleet St operator. His lack of TV savvy is thought to be a worry. As an aside, it’s interesting that in the Royal phone-tap scandal, the phone lines of two revered PR operators Paddy Harveson and Max Clifford were also rumoured to have been tapped, because of their links to high profile personages. Coulson’s bound to have a packed Rolodex (and diary too).
Browser link is bust (again) so link to Guardian here:,,2092224,00.html

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