IABC lunch seminar: Reputation Management in the Internet Age

Where: Rendezvous Hotel Melbourne, 328 Flinders St, Melbourne
When:12.30pm until 2.00pm, Thursday 7 June 2007

Next Thursday, I’ll be speaking in Melbourne CBD to a cross-disciplinary group of marketers from IABC. Here’s a synopsis of the session if you’re interested in attending:

“In this age of globally-networked and agenda-driven reputational terrorism, anti-corporate websites, bloggers, citizen journalists and e-media activists are armed with fully mobile, web-enabled technologies that can instantaneously broadcast, podcast and lambast every piece of corporate or personal communication.
So how can you protect yourself from these aggressive reputational threats?”

Cost: IABC Members: $45, PRIA Members: $55, Non-Members: $65 (light lunch included).
Any questions about this IABC event may be directed to: events@iabcvic.com.au
To register online, click here: https://www.registernow.com.au/secure/Register.aspx?ID=613

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