Rudd forces Mighell to resign over expletive tape

This morning ABC Radio played a tape recording from November 2006 of Electrical Trades Union secretary Dean Mighell gloating after he’d managed to use industry-wide agreements to screw millions of dollars out of employers; he sounded like a schoolboy boasting to mates that he’d spat on the back of the headmaster’s jacket. Deano may be right in his claim that he hadn’t done anything illegal (by ‘outsmarting’ bosses – his word) but his assertion that the tape was recorded as part of a Building Industry Taskforce campaign to discredit him is somewhat flawed. Surely they didn’t script his lines? His choice lingo – while a crowd-pleaser for union roughheads discredited himself, and profiled his union, and now the LP in an unfavourable light. The truth is, because of the probability that there could be a campaign launched against any media figure, being circumspect is absolutely critical for us all.
Timely reminder for all Comms Managers to rebrief their charges that absolutely everywhere is the public sphere; every utterance can be recorded and used against you and your associates.

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