PRINZ fat cats meet PR Top Hats


Auckland from the waterfront.

Auckland PR conflab Day 2 update. Didnt see many of the other sessions due to fact I was presenting two myself – Personal Reputation Management in The Internet Age then PR Disasters (re Strategic PR): Thanks to all for their generous praise of both sessions.
Here’s a snapshot of what I recall of the day and of the night’s gala dinner:
Andy Eklund is an entertaining presenter; imagine an episode of Will and Grace with PPT slides and useful business methods thrown in and you get the picture.

Geoffrey Stackhouse knows his media training onions and, apparently, has v warm hands.
PRINZ outgoing head honcho – the v effectual Lisa Finucane – imminently makes room for the multi-qualified Fiona Cassidy who also seems a right good sort.
PRINZ Communicator of The Year and ponytailed, prominent Maori politician
Pita Sharples engagingly talked up the importance of Integrity and Authenticity (one of the few occassions you’ll hear a politician say this, and genuinely believe every word).
Pita is a real Maori ‘tulafale’ (meaning great speaker/storyteller).
The impromptu Maori Haka by Pita and the event MC and mate was bloody spine-chilling.
A rotundly successful PR fellow showed a tacky lack of oratorical abilities by issuing an ambiguous ‘open invite’ to any nubile PR babes (the five sitting around me were mortified; one almost retched).
Sherson Willis won PRINZ’s overall best campaign with a strategy to support PVH (a NFP that intercedes to stop domestic violence). Four AUT students augmented the Sherson Willis efforts, so big ‘word’ to Tee, Tori, Thomas and Holly (sounds like High 5 or something)
Wellington PR man Marty Dinniss still hasn’t explained fully who the girl was and why she was in the gents cubicle.
Congrats to the trio of PR gals from Mango. In borrowing Jim the doorman’s Top Hat they each did a sizzling impersonation of Kim Basinger in 9.5 weeks up near the bar at the end.
Anne Gregory tells a great joke about the canine pets of an architect, surgeon and PR man.
Bob Crawshaw and Marty Dinniss joined me for brekkie at Auckland greasy spoon landmark Brucies this morning. Marty’s still unconvincing on the cubicle story.
Overall, PRINZ seems in rude good health under the Exec Director stewardship of Paul Dryden and his team. The diverse PRs represented seemed really committed and willing to put a bit in for the organisation. Thanks to all at PRINZ, I had a great time in Auckland.

10 thoughts on “PRINZ fat cats meet PR Top Hats

  1. Hi Gerry

    Great to catch up on Saturday morning and solve the PR problems of the world over mountains of Auckland-style bacon, eggs and chips.

    And yes, congratulations to PRINZ for a thought provoking conference. Speakers really laid down the challenge to Kiwi communicators about getting ahead of the curve on climate change and authentic corporate social responsibility policies and practice.


  2. Thanks for the big ‘word’ Gerry – it certainly was a great night. I’d like to think that the GOA team represent the modern face of PR rather than ‘ambigous invite’ rotund fellow!


  3. Hi Bob; ta for that and wise words on USA-style ‘selling from the back’ – noted!

    And Thomas; of course GOA is the future; but we did all cringe at the same time didn’t we!


  4. Nothing about those flash dance moves you were throwing on the dance floor Gerry. Pita Sharples as an Aussie politician?Where did that come from?


  5. Both my flash dance moves and ‘Aussie’ slip of the pen, probably courtsey of Monteith’s Black or the Pinot. Thanks for proofreading Bruce.


  6. How hilarious. I’ve been called many things, but being compared to Will & Grace is a high complement indeed. I too enjoyed the PRINZ conference, and your presentation as well. Best, AE


  7. I definitely remember all dance moves on the floor and was suitably impressed by yours Gerry. Pity you had to bail on us so early and I don’t remember Marty sharing that story???

    I must agree about the poor taste of the PR Fellow chappie, no names need be mentioned, and we women on the other side of the room (sitting unfortuntely close to him) were appalled by the acceptance of this old boy type. I thought PR in NZ was more preogressive than that.

    Thanks for your great presentation on your work; very entertaining and well supported by Andy Eklund’s brillant work as well. It was a pleasure to listen to you speak!


  8. Thanks Amanda; my ‘bail out’ was merely a strategic move to avoid any further reputational disasters (my disco footwork patently did enough in that department). Thx for positive feedback on my presentation.


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