New research: What makes a top PR counsel

images.jpgProfessor Anne Gregory (Leeds Univ) currently speaking in sunny Auckland.
PRINZ conference Day 1 in Auckland. Luvly Huddersfield lass Professor Anne Gregory revealed research pinpointing the traits of those in the top PR jobs; (professional communicators rather than implementers) After the conference opened with a fully participative Maori drumming workshop and listened to a session from Microsoft’s NZ bigwig Helen Robinson, Anne delivered what should’ve been the conference keynote with the 9 habits of highly effective PR people (private sector this list). 1: Big picture thinker 2: Decides and acts (using statistics and relevant data) 3:Investigates and analyses (the CEO’s work obsessions are the PRs work obsessions) 4: Understands other views (open-minded and inclusive) 5: Leads and supports their team 6: Great networker (first to arrive at party and last to leave) 7: Insists on accountability (not afraid to blame, but will move on after) 8: Maintains positive outlook despite setbacks 9: Meticulous preparers.

So; how do you stack up against that checklist then? And Anne talked of the importance of PR people acting like board level people – do you look/speak/think like a senior corporate player (or do you pitch yourself as a willing PR workhorse who’ll do anything for a quick buck?).

Anne also related the anecdote of the CEO who said: “I used to be threatened by corporate bankers who took 6 months to act. Now, it’s the spotty 16-year old with a computer in their bedroom who give me no notice at all.”

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