Gerry's top 10 music videos (failing memory permitting)

Trevor Cook memed me to list my fave music clips: I’m way behind on supplying the links, but maybe a short list will do instead (like you’re all going to rush to view my video clip selection, anyway!!).

Sex Pistols ‘God Save The Queen’; when their adrenalin met my testosterone in 77…wow!

Run DMC Aerosmith – Walk This Way; rock ‘n’ R’n’B; delicious attitude on both sides.

George Michael’s ‘I Want Your Sex’ – seriously, with a video this raunchy, I never thought for a minute that he was…

The Verve ‘Bittersweet Symphony – a video with typically North of Engerlund/Scottish hard-nut ‘tude…

Addicted to Love – Robert Palmer’s best looking vid ever

Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ – scary but at this stage in Mike’s life, kinda in a good way

P Diddy ‘Bad Boy For Life’ – Hilarious cameo from Ben Stiller is bonus on dis rockin track

The Jacksons’ Can You Feel It; dance floor classic way ahead of its video time

Weezer’s Island in the Sun; aaaaw, toon plus all the cuddly animals make me wanna smile

999 ‘Homicide’ track from colouful post-punk Lahndan noo wave band; just a cool track

Now I nominate Leigh Mannes, Phillip Young, Alan Vandermolen, James Young and Lee Hopkins.

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