Find Me A Fanny, TV chef Ramsay begs


Gordon Ramsay (the chef whose swearing would cause even a Glaswegian to blush) has announced the name of his latest cooking initiative. FIND ME A FANNY seeks to find a female reincarnation of the famous UK cookery legend and the 60s answer to Martha Stewart, Fanny Craddock. Never one to miss a PR trick, Ramsay is ensuring that his personal ‘F word’ brand is in customary rude, good health. For some sections of those in the public spotlight – cursing chefs, bad ass rappers, prison-bound Hiltonites – maintaining a ‘bad’ reputation is essential for protecting their risque bad image.
Incidentally, Fanny’s husband Johnny allegedly said on live TV after a dessert baking slot (ooo err missus) “I hope all your doughnuts turn out like Fanny’s”. We think we know what he meant.

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