Pitching to journalists – at least know the publication they write for

Freelance journalist Simon Sharwood contacted me bemoaning the miniature ‘PR disasters’ that regularly dog his working life. Simon says he gets several phone calls a week from slightly directionless PRs (press agents or publicists) that go something like this:
PR: Hi, Simon! Are you interested in [insert name of product or spokesperson here].
Simon: Hmmm . I am not really sure where it fits in with what I do.
PR: Well, the person could speak about [insert issue here] – or the product is cool because [argument about efficiencies on offer]
Simon: I don’t think that is really relevant to my readers
PR: [Tries to convince relevance]
Simon: No. I do not think this is appropriate. But convince me: which of my readers do you think this is important to?
PR: Er . er . er .
Simon: Do you know who I write for?
PR: Of course.
Simon: So which publication do you think this is right for?
PR: Er . er . er .
Simon: See you later!

Simon says: “To think, companies are paying to have this done on their behalf.”
Any names or packdrill for Public Relations Disasters Vol 2, Simon?

Thanks for reminder to all PR wannabes out there!

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