Denyer's 'sex with a black man' PR gaffe

It must’ve been a big post-Logies party, given that it forced one time mum’s favourite Aussie weatherboy Grant Denyer to imply that he was so exhausted he ‘felt like he’d had sex with a black man’. So lame and puzzling the analogy, it even stunned radio host blabbermouth pair Merrick & Rosso into a kind of nervous cough moment. You can hear the quip from this msn source here: And last night the obviously worldly-wise Grant apeared on 7’s Today Tonight to apologise if anyone took offence for what he said was a ‘wobbly joke made too early in the morning’.

2 thoughts on “Denyer's 'sex with a black man' PR gaffe

  1. Too funny! That is a bit different.

    Btw Gerry – I love this blog, I’ve added it to my blogroll and I’m a regular reader. I’m going to have to read your book as well!


  2. Thanks Paull; I just don’t know what possessed the normally affable Denyer!!
    Good luck to you in your Stateside endeavours, too; keep me updated on any US PR disasters if you can!


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