OhmyNews; a future model for Aussie mass media?

Stephen Quinn writing for The Age recently produced a cracking Green Guide article, profiling a Korean online site that combines citizen journalism with journalistic ethics (oxymoronic??).
“Imagine 50,000 reporters armed with video cameras on their mobile phones able to report live via the web”, Stephen began, concurring with my recent response to Ross Dawson’s piece on future media consumption habits; tho launched by CEO Oh Yeon-ho in South Korea, there’s now an English language version of OhmyNews, big-noted by The Guardian as an ‘interesting hybrid between (a) weblog and pro news site’. Oh Yeon-ho simply started out to create a site free of newspaper company elitism; his PR counsel says unlike old school media monoliths, Oh’s into empowering audiences, not exploiting them. The newssite insists on accuracy and credibility, its reporters are vetted via a government-sponsored authentication process, and they sign a code of ethics. Additionally, editors fact check and tart up submitted copy to maintain the quality threshold. As for its popularity, it’s page view record was 25million, 700,000 repeat visitors check in every day and a weekly print precis edition sells 150,000. Wonder if PRs are barred from reporting developments in industries they’re active in?

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