Emotional Intelligence missing from Heffernan's PR apology

Bill Heffernan’s apology to Julia Gillard was ‘barren’ of any sincerity, writes our ace reporter Gerry M!
Like an errant celeb forced to read a pre-prepared public apology, bellicose Bill’s verbal apology signed off with a quip that undone the statement’s pacifying intent. By unneccessarily ending with; “So there you go” the overriding message was; ‘Isn’t this what you wanted me to say?’. In making a public/media apology, clients are advised to make it as genuine, succinct and unreserved as possible, then simply shut up. Heffernan’s ‘so there you go’ showed he neither meant it, nor has any kind of developed EI skills, which resulted in no apology at all. And nicely played by Julia Gillard for graciously accepting Bill’s ‘unfit’ attempt at regret.

r86846_255939[1].jpgSenator Bill Heffernan, proudly disgraceful.

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