Some PR exercise; Footy Classified can't tell Pagan from Laidley

Last night’s Footy Classified on Ch9 featured a segment where Lethal Leigh Matthews (Brizzie Lions coach) described the AFL’s carpeting of the West Coast Eagles as window dressing and a PR exercise (the phrase repeated in today’s Age sport section). Do any PRs share my concerns that the implications of a ‘PR exercise’ (in the segment shown in the later news Leigh said PR gesture) translates as superficial and unsubstantive activity? In case Leigh and the older gen of media commentators havent noticed, PR is in the ascendency as an information conduit while trad media stagnates or is in decline. The image of PRs as smooth talking, G&T swilling publicists is as obsolete as that of journos as blokes in trenchcoats and Fedora hats with ‘Press’ tickets tucked into the headband.

Incidentally, this expert footy show featured a pic of Roos caption Dean Laidley above the caption ‘Dennis Pagan’ (current Carlton coach).

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