PR disasters lie waiting in business lounges and internet cafes

Invited to peruse a swish new city business lounge called Bureaux, I’m reminded of the potential for business and personal PR disasters when using these and other remote business facilities such as the Qantas club lounge etc. Over the last three months, I’ve found (and inquisitively read) a press release promoting a new range of swimwear, a full candidate CV and, today, it’s a legal letter outlining and I quote “a number of issues were discussed, including ——–‘s anger…however, ——– has provided his assurance that he will not touch ——— in any way…”.
These little finds remind me how, no matter how rushed my day or business trip is, if I’m using a fixed terminal rather than my Mac laptop, the most important thing I do is to check that I safeguard any private information. In the wrong hands (PR author/blogger, journo or other) you could be leaving ammo in an unfired gun.
Swimwear PR girl; you may just have made the cut for ‘PR Disasters’ Vol 2.
Lord, there but for the grace of God go I…

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