Mark Burnett commandeers MySpace for political coverage

With news that reality TV pioneer Mark Burnett is to stage a new show (in conjunction with MYSpace) to find a presidential candidate for the US elections, I’m thinking what a monty of a PR coup to stir the great unwashed into US political participation (here in OZ tho, it’s compulsory to vote). Previously a reality TV show hater – except for Nerds FC, Contender and Pussycat Dolls (with girlfriend implying that I’m an ageing letch last Sunday night) – I think the latest Burnett brainwave could work a treat downunder in our imminent election bout. I can see Melissa S and Asia in a risque dance off with li’l Kevin and Julia or a tracksuited Johnny H in a bitchfight with the one with the big hair who can’t sing. So, real political democracy coming to a blog near you…watch this MySpace for more details. Sydneysider Trevor Cook will surely welcome this addition to the political arena!!

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