Lynch mob out after Pvt Jessica debunks PR lies

Like a real life version of Wag The Dog, the good ole USA military and govt has again smeared its size 12’s in deep dog do(o)?

The truth is the first casualty of war and, it seems, every skirmish thereafter. Saying that she blacked out and never fired a shot, Jessica Lynch (a supposed Rambo-ette of the Iraq ‘liberation’) says that the truth was more heroic than the hype. From a blogspot near Katie Couric’s desk, you can see the precis here…

So what is it with media manipulators? Do they really think that in such a transparent and agenda driven media environment that the truth is somehow never gonna leak out?

One thought on “Lynch mob out after Pvt Jessica debunks PR lies

  1. And now, following Jessica’s testimony and that of ex-US football player Pat Tillman’s brother, George Bush has apologised to Tillman’s family for misleading them over theri son’s death (tho he was supposedly not aware of the real situation beforehand), according to yesterday’s Sydney Morning Herald. US military spinners claimed that Tillman died bullet-ridden while fighting the enemy (tho truth says he was killed by over-zealous friendly fire) Oops; forget containing the enemy, let’s worry about the truth for now!!


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