PowerPoint, Google, Obama and Blair

It may be the end of PPT’s market dominance but, as this article shows, a rash of imitations rather than authentic presentations, is likely to be the upshot. Was that a groan we heard from PPT-hater Trevor Cook?

Meanwhile, UK’s Grauniad newspaper relays how ad agencies are being usurped (at least in terms of campaign analysis) by Google.

And more on politicians using social media to get their message out to da kids – un’stan’ wha’m say’n’? Courtesy of the Age.

3 thoughts on “PowerPoint, Google, Obama and Blair

  1. I think ppt is fine if its used well. A few key words and mainly images but what I truly hate is people writing speeches on slides and putting them up on a screen and then talking as if the text is not actually on the screen and no-one can read it


  2. I also hate big packs of slides I’ve been fossicking on slideshare and I regularly see presentations of 50 60 even 80 slides are they kidding – it must be going at breakneck speed


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