Public relations – is this its future?

“Despite its privileged position, it is generally not seen by senior client executives as providing critical strategic advice or services…” a new article reads.

The good ole PRIA has posted an interesting piece by business futurist/blogger Ross Dawson that does a bit of crystal ball gazing on the PR biz. Loads of good insight from Ross, tho his starting point for PR is still as an agenda-driven influencer, rather than a two-way comms facilitator. Also a few cliches in there that don’t match up with my PR experience such as; “the formal, stilted, self promoting language of the press release” – wasn’t what I learned or practiced. Also Ross claims that “mass media will never disappear”, tho I’d speculate that it may morph into more of a social mass media, esp given Ross’s point that today’s 15-30’s have switched off mass media; is it likely that they’ll suddenly retro-switch their media consumption habits and start reading broadsheets when they hit 31? Still, a good piece full of optimism for PR’s continued prominence on the comms landscape. Ta Ross & PRIA.


2 thoughts on “Public relations – is this its future?

  1. If someone I met “spoke like a press release” – I’d probably be quite happy with their direct and factual reponses. Especially if that someone was from an organistion I was trying to get some info from. But I do agree with Ross’ vision of social media creating better opportunities for real conversations and information flow, rather than corporate-speak. Don’t know if I like the idea of “video screens soon to appear on every surface you can imagine”. Sounds like headache central.


  2. Ta Jo, tho I’ve seen press releases that read like sales promotion copy (ones that journos hate the most) and others as dull as the disclaimer on a financial services Ad. With you both on real conv & info flow.


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