Handle crisis PR by saying- "I just hope the poor bastard gets better."

As a local health scare engulfs sections of the Vic State Government, I don’t recommend any of the parties concerned use the quote given by Ian Young, head honcho of SA-based Mexican Express Foods. Questioned about the 26-year old man hospitalised after being paralysed with botulism poisoning after eating Mr Young’s company’s product ‘Nachos To Go’, Young commented to Aus media: “It’s a bloody awful situation as simple as that. I just hope the poor bastard gets better.” Cultural vernacular aside, I‘d be raging if I were related to the 26-year old who’s been in hospital for 12-weeks. He’s only a ‘poor bastard’ after eating infected or unsafe foodstuffs for chrissakes; yet it’s obviously a vernacular nuance I havent mastered, as no media have picked Ian up on his comment. Still, I don’t recommend that MP Bronwyn Pike says of the four oldies still in hospital after the Broughton Hall scare, “I just hope the poor old bastards get better.”


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