Q: When is a blog not a blog? A: When it's ghost-written and stolen!

Katie Couric’s producer has been sacked after ghost-writing blog entries for her CBS anchorwoman boss’ blog, using material filched from a Wall Street Journal article by journo Jeffrey Zaslow – the blogpost purportedly saw Katie reminiscing about getting her first ever library card (aaaaaaww, sweet!). Apart from the fact that a library card doesn’t rate high on my list of schooltime memories (kissing Claire Groom, debuting for St Joe’s football team, fainting in my Wellyboots at a school church service all are, tho), the response of CBS management show a lack of comprehension of blogosphere culture, saying that it’s very common for first person commentaries to be put together by unnamed staffers (i.e. second or third persons). A ‘horrified’ Katie – who we learn doesn’t write her own blog – does dirty her hands inasmuch as she selects blog topics; aaah, the common touch hasn’t completely deserted her, bless her!
Still, is this that much different than the normal PR exec devising incisive client quotes and comments for media releases, stakeholder DVDs or even webinars? (subs reqd to Guardian story).

McNamara.jpg The producer, allegedly at the centre of the Couric ‘flog’.

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