Footy Classified show takes mark with Beat The Press

Here’s a phrase you don’t often hear me say “I was impressed by a Channel 9 programme last night.” Footy Classified got the balance spot-on with a sparky, opinionated, fiesty and contentious format hosted by the ever-improving anchor Garry Lyon. Its most inspirational slot was a segment called ‘Beat the Press’, where three journos lined up against three AFL coaches, and had an open exchange about the difficulties in their relationship. Wouldn’t such a forum (if hosted by the PRIA or similar) between PR and media luminaries be great fodder for a conference or evening seminar series? Refferred to by Lyon as a ‘gnarly old bastard’, Collingwood coach Mick Malthouse then challenged journos on the quality of their pre-interview prep efforts. Geelong’s Mark Thompson called ‘Hutch’ the king of gossip, criticising him for printing unsubstantiated rubbish. Journo Mark Robinson agreed with the coaches that TV footy journalism was crap. Roos coach Dean Laidley challenged the press pack to describe the redress process when a journo writes something that’s shown to be wrong – the Age’s Caroline Wilson started to answer but her reply was lost in the melee. Only prob was, the segment was far too short!!
Not since Celtic legend Kenny Dalglish decided to stage public media conferences at Baird’s Bar in Glasgow’s East End and the Celtic Association HQ in attempts to open the media up to more transparent reporting (of course, the Scottish hacks portrayed King Kenny as a nutjob!) has a media relations interchange been so entertaining (cept maybe for Glenn Milne vs Mayne).
My Media vs PR panel suggestion would be something like:
Media – Monica Attard (Media Watch), Andrew Bolt (Herald Sun) and Neil Shoebridge (Fin Review)
PRs – Bryan Burke (WA Lobbyist), Rod Bruem (Telstra blog editor), Trevor Cook (Jackson Wells)
Until that happens, tune in to Footy Classified every Monday night.

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