Ian Thorpe and the reputation smears

In my new book, I assert that with the new rules of reputation management it’s the semblance (or whiff) of wrongdoing that the media is interested in reporting on, rather than the factual proof of the allegation. Certainly borne out by Aussie swim star Ian Thorpe’s recent experiences. Significant to note, tho, that the journo who broke the story Damien Ressiot, is the same geezer who accused Lance Armstrong of doping, too. Ressiot is a one-time colleague of Pierre Ballester co-author of L.A. Confidentiel, which documented the case against the cycling champ. So Damien; what now? A best-selling book called ‘Thorpedoed?’ Seriously, tho, as proud and protective as we all are of Ian, let’s not completely rubbish Damien or his claims. Tho the truth will (eventually) out, Thorpe’s reputation may take a temp knock, but if he’s clean, the case can be turned to commercial advantage. Bets on which party will benefit most, anyone?


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