Consumers say they need to trust (but are they lying?)

Earlier this week in the Fin Review, Neil Shoebridge wrote interestingly about a Grey Advertising/Sweeney Research study showing the qualities that make a brand great include; trustworthy, honest, best quality and reliability. (Sorry, can’t link cos it’s not online.) It seems that more than 60% of Aussie consumers want brands they can trust and perceive to be honest, Neil says. But less than 40% polled in the report said they could trust big business, and 60% said they’d sooner trust a small business. Interesting when we look at this week’s crop of PR disasters- Ribena and Microsoft journalist dossiers – and look at the role trust plays in these situations. QUESTION; is trust a wholly negotiable quality? I mean, these consumers say they want ‘trust’, but will they stop drinking blackcurrant drinks or switch to Apple because of questionable corporate behaviour? Course they won’t, which suggests that it’s dangerous to read too much into survey results; answering questions on paper is easier than making changes to your own consumerist behaviour, isn’t it? Just to add a few throwaway stats in finishing, 67% believe that big business – not individuals – need to take the lead in finding environmental solutions, and 15% said that blogs were reliable sources of information (now there’s a stat we need to believe!!)

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