Eavesdropping the ITV digital conference in London

Via The Guardian, we can eavesdrop on what ITV execs have been learning about developments in digital communications. Jemima Kiss blogs about contributions from futurist Gerd Leonhard who discusses why MTV has flatlined by trying to tell kids what’s cool (whereas YouTube listens to the kids own views). MySpace’s Jay Stevens talks up the importance of peer-to-peer comms in the TV landscape of tomorrow, where viewing habits will be driven by trust and perceived value. Mention’s also made of how to enlist consumers as brand advocates and champions – give ’em the content and let ’em mash it up (as my ‘make Your Own Socceroo Ad’ campaign did so well last year). Ben Hammersley pronounced that brands were dead and that content was stamping down the turf on their coffin and that mash-up interaction was essential for the 3billion onliners. And blogging has arrived as a recognised brand medium, it was claimed. Cross-refer this to my post from yesterday that PR’s are at the vanguard of blogging, and we see how PR can have a lead role if shaping the comms landscape of tomorrow; that’s if we don’t let marketers claim the territory as their own! Great work, Jemima; thanks.

3 thoughts on “Eavesdropping the ITV digital conference in London

  1. Great link – thanks.
    Hammersley caused a bit of a stink by saying that nobody gives a toss about brands – only the content.

    Was what I was trying to get across earlier about online branding – I would go further and say the brand is the content – the “user experience” as I ineloquently put it.

    So where does this leave PR? In a very healthy position – because YouTube’s brand is going to change as the content changes from unmoderated to moderated video. As with all shifts in brands it is going to take planning and advice, from people who specialise in “brand change management” – or it really will be a PR Disaster!


  2. Thx Sam, tho I strongly agree with Age’s related point; I don’t think any amount of ‘brand PR’ can substitute for a brand ‘living’ its authentic customer promise. I suspect if YouTube ‘moderates’ (or goes all Levi 501 on us), then a new renegade will occupy its maverick (unmoderated) brand slot.


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