Why CEOs don't blog

AdWeek’s Catharine P Taylor has an interesting piece on why blogging doesn’t appeal to many CEOs. Based on research by Porter Novelli/TNS Media Intelligence, it confirms that PRs and product managers are the most likely corporate bloggers. Reasons for CEO reticence include; fear of criticism, fear of open communication, time commitment, how to calculate ROI and fears that internal bloggers will reveal market sensitive information (so far unfounded among its leading proponents). With corporate attitudes like those revealed in the research, the 2-way model of idealised PR seems like a Grunigian pipe-dream for many progressive comms execs.

2 thoughts on “Why CEOs don't blog

  1. Fear of criticism and fear of open communication. How sad. I find it so odd that people who *must* have pushed the envelope throughout their lives to have achieved CEO status then decide they want to stay put.


  2. I suspect the ROI point must be massive within the huge portfolio of CEO responsibility tho Brendan; what’s the formula for calculating the leadership/reputational value vs effort expended, in an embryonic comms channel like la blogosphere?


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