PR & the sound of silence

Unbe-bloody-lievable! As PR hits the headines – again for all the wrong reasons – after two execs from one of the world’s ‘global’ PR names receive federal prison terms (see my earlier post) the industry goes quiet. Despite assurances and bluster from the main PR associations to ‘call out’ when the profession’s name is dragged thru the mud, not one of them carries (as far as I can see) any news of Dowie and Stodder’s respective 42 and 15 months, federal jail sentences. Would love to be informed and corrected if otherwise. PRSA; nothing. CIPR UK; zip. Global Alliance; nada. Even downunder with PRIA and PRINZ; zero. Guys, this is news. Bad news. But news that the profession has to be prepared to talk about. Dialogue, openness, transparency, condemnation of malpractice all help support the good PR’s out there. Instead you’ve lifted the rug and, while whistling, gently toed the dirt under the corner. From the Basil Fawlty school of PR it is; don’t mention the war! I think we got away with it.

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