Chrissie Hynde, PETA and the Sydney Daily Telegraph

The Saturday edition carried an article about Chrissie’s attack on ‘mulesing’ – the, doubtlessly painful, process of cutting the back-end off of sheep to stop mite infestation and disease. I was asked whether her comments – she suggested washing the sheep daily – was a PR disaster, given that some farmers have 15000 head of sheep per flock. This was my take: Seems like causes are the flavour of the month for celebs but Chrissie’s not trying to look cool with a conscience (yep, I did say she wasnt trying to pull the wool over anyone’s eyes; couldnt resist it!) I think, given her history of animal activism, she has some PR-cred on this one (comments notwithstanding). Also commented that the crossroads of social activism and celebrity endorsement was a hotspot for PR disasters (remember Sting and the rainforest funds snafu?), and that Bono, Pink and even Paris H have copped flack for their stance(s). Big PR prob, tho, is for the not-for-profits who can either be eclipsed by the stars, or have their cred ruined if said ‘star’ says something dumb by not being briefed properly; that kinda coverage can trivialise the issue and make all concerned look like, well, dumb animals.

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