Knocking PR tactic calls Adelaide 'city of losers'

Spotted this aggressive outdoor poster today; it sees local soccer outfit Melbourne Victory (see the club crest above ‘eye’) baiting Adelaide (United). The design is ‘hand-bashed’ style as tho it were prepared by fans and the copy gives 10 reasons why Adelaide is ‘a city of losers’ including; The Grand Prix defected to Melbourne, their beaches are full of sharks and their accent is undecipherable! Will it get a PR pickup by traditional media? Not sure; it has attitude but may need to encounter a quiet news day to be a real media hook (tho I’m blogging on it). Other real problem is; Adelaide are a team just hitting their straps while the Victory boys are struggling to win despite being minor Premiers. Sometimes marketing stunts get pinned on dressing room walls just to rev a team up! Feb 4 is the matchday if you’re football minded.

One thought on “Knocking PR tactic calls Adelaide 'city of losers'

  1. The ‘stunt’ made The Age and even got a pickup on one TV news station. The Adelaide mgr described it as pathetic. In the game proper, Adelaide looked sharper, but it ended in a drab 0-0 scoreline; nicely poised for the return in Melb


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