Dumb show, dumb 'brand', legal eagles and Wiki brand corrupted

In among all the disastrous PR over the Jade Goody/Big Brother racist row in the UK, a couple of interesting comments have surfaced about this one woman ‘brand’. UK publicity suPRemo, Max Clifford reveals he advised Goody not to do Big Brother, opining that it’s for celebs on the slide (or MP’s with a death wish, I’d add). Max said: “She has made a terrible decision and it looks like she has ruined a very lucrative career.” He added, ” Whoever is responsible for putting her in there obviously is responsible for finishing her career”; step forward and take a bow, John Noel Management who we hear have a hand on her tiller (oo err missus). For a look at how Jade Goody’s PR disaster impacts on her sponsorship deals, check out 24dash.

A more intriguing story for me, is news of the emergence of the wikileaks website, a forum for whistleblowers. (Thanks Trev). You might guess that it’s an offshoot of the wikipedia, but it ain’t; so does this mimic brand corrupt the original Wiki ? For PR pros, it certainly promises to make the shareholder management task that little more trying, simply because it offers a new, anonymous platform for agenda setters within or outwith any company. Also, it strikes me – a PR whistleblower of modest note – that it subtely corrupts the concept of social media and citizen journalism by dragging the Wiki name into the murky grounds of corporate skullduggery and espionage (or have I just been watching too much West Wing?).

And if it’s insensitivity you want, ask a lawyer to handle your media relations. Comparing domestic violence allegations to the bloodshed in Iraq; why would you even go there in an interview?

One thought on “Dumb show, dumb 'brand', legal eagles and Wiki brand corrupted

  1. By way of update on how BB racist incident ‘impacted on its sponsorship deal’, The Guardian yesterday (13/3) reports that Carphone Warehouse has divorced BB from its lucrative GBP3mill sponsorship deal; the breakdown of that stakeholder relationship’s a PR disaster in anyone’s book.


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