Bloggers sued over spin doctor slurs

No, it isn’t me. But The Age reports how an ex-journo turned blogger Ahiruddin Attan and his co-accused Jeff Ooi in Malaysia, are being sued for defamation by the New Straits Times. It’s a landmark case as it highlights several key issues including freedom of expression, personal accountability plus the overlap between rumour-mongering and factual information. But as precedent suggests, anytime an issue ‘goes legal’, the potential for some kind of PR disaster is accentuated; does it look good for an ex-journo to be done for libel? How does the newspaper come off if it’s shown to be a government mouthpiece? Is the government pulling the strings etc? All potentially disastrous PR gaffes.
The sites – screenshots and rocky’s bru – stand accused of being libellous about a New Straits Times editor and exec. Ooi and Attan claim that the publication puppets merely act as spin doctors for the country’s Prime Minister – what ? A media organ being used for political purposes!! Say it isn’t so!

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