PR Disasters on the radio

Since announcing the 2006 PR Disasters Awards for Australia, thanks to those who called to say they’d heard my radio interviews on Sydney’s 2UE and ABC 774 here in Melbourne. One interviewer brought up the topic of Sheik Hilaly’s latest ‘convict’ comments. To try to give Hilaly the benefit of the doubt, I suggested maybe he didn’t understand the (global or social) context within which he was speaking. The journo retorted that he must ‘get’ context, as he’s always saying he’s being quoted out of it; fair comment. All goes to show how the Web is breaking down geographic boundaries and accentuating the need for sound stakeholder awareness. Could the Sheik have thought that speaking in Egypt was ‘safe’ (ie far enough away from Oz). Is he web-savvy? Does he know about the global relay of news information? Am sure that the media-wise Kayser Trad would have tried to put him straight. Course, in the world of PR Disasters, the prob is that many people don’t listen to sound PR advice; the results are there for all to see.

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