Asking Richard Edelman to clarify

Following on from the free laptop PR snafu, I’ve asked Richard for a bit of clarification re point 1 of his statement:
“Neither I nor other Edelman employees will post about programs when clients request that we stay clear.”
Does that mean that your clients ultimately have the say-so on, and determine, your stakeholder relations/response?
Does this caveat imply that Edelman (the person & the co.) will engage with the blogosphere on your clients’ terms, rather than on the blogosphere’s terms which are, principally, all about openness and transparency?

5 thoughts on “Asking Richard Edelman to clarify

  1. If a client wants to respond to an issue in the blogosphere, then the PR firm should give its best advice to the client and allow that process to unfold. If the client asks that no comment be made to either bloggers or media so that further fact-finding can occur, the PR firm should comply with that request. Rest assured that my personal commitment and the broad commitment of the Edelman firm is to serving our clients’ interests while pursuing the conversation with the blogosphere. These are not mutually exclusive objectives. Communicating in a transparent and continuous manner is key to effective PR, whether with media or bloggers.


  2. Thanks, I didnt realise the client request to stay clear referred to buying fact-finding time. I hear you on your ‘not being mutually exlusive’ point, yet whether they can be consistently concurrent is equally pertinent.


  3. Meanwhile, he had the President of Edelman’s Me2Revolution speak to PR Week about the Microsoft laptop giveaway. He can address ethics and policies without betraying client confidences. You might say that as CEO he has a responsibility to do so.


  4. Ta Mark – sure R plays a pretty skillful game. And sure we all want success for fellow PRs (God knows the industry needs to notch up some positives). But the collective media agenda (4th estate and 2.0) doesnt value praise as much as brickbats (Chrissakes I almost wrote a whole book on exactly that premise)


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