5 Things You Didn't Know About Me

Age Conte and Trevor Cook have both nominated me on this one, so here goes:

I played for the same youth soccer team as former Scotland international Mo Johnstone and ‘Four Weddings And A Funeral’ actor, John Hannah (Eastercraigs Boys Club) back in Glasgow.

I was a punk/mod, mad about The Jam, wore a fishtail parka with the band badge ‘999’ on the back and rode a blue Vespa 90, bought from a schoolmate’s mum who used to collect the shopping with it (needless to say, I ‘suped’ it up a bit – ie took the basket off).

Am possibly the only Glaswegian ever to be ‘slashed’ at a fashion show (no cut-throat biz jokes, please). Sustained a jagged chin scar (3.5inch) courtesy of an Icelandic drunk (Haldor Svarsson was his name) who smashed a pint tumbler on my jaw at Maestro’s nightclub in Scott Street.

Brought out a CD album as lead singer/guitarist with the Scottish band ‘King Hash’; the songs are country rock style and the album was met with good critical review.

I wrote my book ‘Public Relations Disasters’ in Tokyo, where I lived for 5months while harvesting rejection letters for my unpublished novel entitled ‘Nashville Tartan’.

I now nominate , God this feels a bit juvenile, Philip Young, Steve Van Elst, Andy Lark, Alan Vandermolen, Eric Eggertson.

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