2006 PR Disasters – Top 10 Winners

Thanks for all those who submitted suggestions/entries for the 2006 PR DIsasters Awards. In the end, I decided to get a bit more ‘scientific’ about it, and asked Media Monitors to help crunch some stats. SO, by syndicated negative mentions across press, radio and TV in Australia from 1/1 to 31/12/06 (coughs importantly) the ‘winner’ is the Australian Wheat Board’s disintegration, and associated political fall-out, in the face of continuing in-depth coverage of its alleged corrupt payments in Iraq.
The ‘smokin’ gun’ pic of AWB Chairman, Trevor Flugge; which ‘friend’ leaked this to the media, I wonder?

The full Top 10 list is as follows:

1 AWB – Inquiry
2 David Hicks – no trial in sight
3 Private Jake Kovco – funeral repatriation
4 Sheik Hilaly – veil/meat comments
5 Dianne Brimble Inquest – P&O criticised
6 Milton Orkopolous – abuse scandal
7 Big Brother – ‘turkey slapping’ incident
8 Marcus Einfeld – speeding tickets
9 Mel Gibson – DUI arrest
10 Ben Cousins (West Coast Eagles) – drink driving

3 thoughts on “2006 PR Disasters – Top 10 Winners

  1. This list might mean something to someone from Australia, but without any links to news stories related to these items, the list doesn’t help me understand what these PR disasters were about.

    Yeah, I know I could do a bunch of searches to find that information, but that seems like a lot of work for me to figure out whether I agree with your choices.


  2. Good work, Gerry, but non-Australians might appreciate a quick line/ link about each incident (I have just widened my knwoledge of the world by googling “Big Brother turkey slap” and Dianne Brimble….).

    Also, in Talespin you talk about two types of PR disaster – those labelled so by the media, and those in which PRs were the creator of their own private – and – public hell.

    Most of your list appear to be the former…


  3. Thanks guys; yeah of course you’re both right. I’d planned to put all the hyperlinks in yesterday and, well, time and all; will try to get it done asap. Spot-on re ‘former’ point Philip; the Fleishman & Edelman furores hardly rated a trad media mention compared to other issues.


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