Back with some personal highlights

During a relaxing seasonal break, I had time to reflect on some of my 2006 highlights. All these were snapped with my 3G mobile.
There was the delivery of my new custom cruiser; love her.

In March, there was the invite to LA to take part in a documentary about guerilla marketing where I met Dennis Rodman who’s also in the film.
There was also a corporate team-building conference at Uluru, Australia’s ‘red centre’; man, that ‘rock’ really rocks, particularly at sunrise.
A visit to the Maldives and Borneo for some sailing and well-deserved R&R wasn’t to be missed, and the Robinson Crusoe villa accomodation was pure bliss.

Filming the Socceroos for my ‘make your own Socceroos TV ad’ viral campaign was a buzz for a football fanatic like me.
And a trip to Kuwait as keynote speaker at the country’s first ever PR workshops and exhibition was an honour and a pleasure to see PR professionalism developing in the Middle East. I even managed to squeeze in a bit of lunch in Dubai, too (that’s a man-made lake!)
Of course, news that ‘Public Relations Disasters’ was in reprint and that my forthcoming, co-authored book was all but completed helped me feel that 2006 was something of a successful one: I have a lot to be very grateful for when I stop and think about it:)
Stay tuned for the results of the 2006 PR Disaster Awards; the latest news is that Media Monitors has come on board to help me collate and quantify the definitive list of reputation damage incidents in Australia.

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