PR Disasters 2006 – new contenders

Following some welcome exposure in The Age online, the following names have been added to 2006’s contenders list: Brendan Fevola for his Irish pub brawl and SMS shenanigans, Amanda Vanstone (mostly for being Amanda), Germaine Greer for her ill-timed Steve Irwin rant, John Howard for everything Iraq-related, Axel Whitehead for his genitARIA-expose, AWB’s Trevor Flugge’s ‘smokin’ gun’ pic, Iktimal Hage Ali whose Young Aussie Award sat uncomfortably with links to drug-runners and, of course, the Aussie Defence Forces for the repatriation blunders and public embarrasment over the Private Jake Kovco affair. Thanks to all, more to follow…

One thought on “PR Disasters 2006 – new contenders

  1. Few phone calls have added the following names to the list: Rex Hunt for the expose of his ‘patronage’ of a beautician. And Ch 10’s embarrasment over the ‘turkey slapping’ episode (now think we’ll stick to ham this Xmas).


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