McCusker nominates himself!! 2006

I had a shiver during the night when I realised I’d gotten ahead of myself; of course, it’s the PR Disasters Awards 2006 we’re celebrating (I’m just waiting for the day I PR disaster big-style!). Anyhoo, 2006 has been a big year and so, as if if you needed reminding…

James Frey – A Million Little Pieces, Tourism Australia ‘Where The Bloody Hell’ campaign, Dick Cheney out huntin’, John Vine’s anti-terror conference joke, Chevy Tahoe viral campaign, Journo Jared Stern ‘protection’ scam, Fleishman-Hillard overbilling, Strauss Radio Strategies cash-for-comment, Hewlettt Packard ‘snoopgate’, Apple & Dell combusting laptops, Kyra Phillips toilet broadcast, O&M PR in Chennai, Edelman Wal-Mart, YouTube’s ‘drunk professor’, Mel Gibson & Michael Richards racism, Dennis Mitsubishi ‘jihad’ Ad, Scotland’s First Minister’s YouTube prank, Margot McKay insider trading and Glenn Milne…

3 thoughts on “McCusker nominates himself!! 2006

  1. Michael Richards has to take it you’d say. Thanks to that video footage, the viral spread via the net, the apology on Letterman, the subsequent people coming out of the shadows claiming other Richards scandals, it’s easily been the biggest celebrity train wreck story of the year. I doubt his career will ever be able to recover…

    In 2006, Vote #1 KKKramer!


  2. Margot McKay (Insider Trading at Aristotole) is up for sentencing this coming Friday. I understand from “sources” that Kate McLyntock from the SMH has a story on ice, and ready to hit the press, as soon as the beak puts on the black cap, and sentences the “lady”.



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