PR Disasters Awards 2006- call for entries

Now accepting your nominations for the Top 10 PR Disasters of 2006…As always, it’s a competitive field – in the blogosphere we’ve had Edelman & Wal-Mart, as well as Terry Lane taking a fake blog at face value. In the public speaking arena, Sheik Hilali (uncovered meat) is duking it our with Kim Beazley (not that Rove, Kim). And in the ‘there was something in the water’ category, Mel Gibson is holding off a late, lurching charge from Glenn Milne. But send in your favourites (ranked from 1 to 10 with 1 being the biggest disaster) right away. If I can figure out how to most fairly give away a newly reprinted copy of ‘Public Relations Disasters’, I’ll do that, too.

8 thoughts on “PR Disasters Awards 2006- call for entries

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  2. I went to Officeworks and bought an ACER laptop with an AMD chipset and ATI graphics card. A Microsoft game wouldn’t load.

    I wanted to load new drivers for the graphics card, but the ATI website had no mention of the card. After emailing for product support (and trying to provide the company a solution I discovered after much effort) I received the following in an email from ATI.

    “Customer Care for ATI products does not provide direct technical support for laptops/notebooks at this current time”

    This is from a company AMD/ATI which wants to rival Intel, and which has been around since the mid 1980s trying to do so.

    I go to the ACER site for support (, only to discover their website doesn’t work with Mozilla web browsers – no error message though – just pages with “Coming Soon”. So I can’t actually contact them via the web about my 3 hour old PC.

    I call the company by phone and they tell me to go to the website. I explain their website doesn’t work.

    The ACER consultant in Sydney wasn’t really interested. This was a bad “out-of-box” experience. Substandard product, ineffective customer support, and no way for feedback into their support department to provide a solution for their customers’ benefit.

    A PR disaster.


  3. Thanks Peter; will gladly cop ‘hoster’s nomination’ (my second)and by that token, add yours for mis-spelling there (their). The competition hots up!!


  4. I think it goes without saying that Iktimal Hage-Ali should get a nomination after be awarded the Young Australian of the Year and then getting questions over her possible involvement/association with a drug supply ring.

    The was also sitting pretty with a job as a John Howard advisor… very nice.


  5. not sure it’s a PR gaff – but a gaff none the less .

    How about ninemsn spelling Belinda Emmetts name wrong in the article about her death on their front page? It was up spelt incorrectly for hours!

    Bad PR or just bad editing?


  6. Sure got it right with Terry Lane a relic of the early years ant-americanism etc.Goes also for his interview with Hans Blix where he continually tried to get Blix to rubbish the US.Blix didn’t buy it!


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