Kramer's PR solution; call Big Ron?

What’s a comedy second stringer to do after his rage-aholic, racist outburst-cum-PR disaster? Despite what looked like a genuine (certainly unscripted) mea culpa on Letterman and with the support of Seinfeld (who ambiguously dubbed it ‘a horrible, horrible mistake’), Richards is still gettin’ no love from his stakeholders. Again, the flack(s) have gone to ground.

The solution Cosmo? Call fading English soccer supremo Big Ron Atkinson (who’s not a racist either!!). He has recovered some career ground after using the ‘N’ word towards French soccer star Marcel Desailly, unknowingly broadcasting it on air (see Talespin PR Disasters). Since then, Big Ron’s tentative comeback involves a documentary about racism (regret, responsibility and remedial action all-in-one), a stint as a soccer pundit in Ireland and a TV show called “Excuse My French’. Apparently, tho, Ron missed out on a managerial job with Trinidad & Tobago due to player unease about his ‘attitudes’. Thanks Wiki.

3 thoughts on “Kramer's PR solution; call Big Ron?

  1. Stupid racist!

    note: Gerry why dont’ you do some ’embedding’ from relevant youtube clips. A quick way for people to see vision of these blunders also a good way to spice up the sites format.

    Otherwise I really like the content on your blog.

    catch up soon,



  2. Thx Simon
    Re Richards; yep his apology seemed to ramble (like Judith Regan’s OJ justification). Richards didnt do the classic ‘3R’ (regret, responsibility, remedial action) PR soundbite response. But know what? I think it seemed more genuine for it. I think the guy is ashamed and embarrased (tho whether it’s becos of his attitudes or getting caught out, I’m unsure). No PR disaster in that!

    Only reason I don’t ’embed’ is becos, a) I’m technically-challenged and b) becos my computer hasnt been too compatible with ‘wordpress’.


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