OJ UPDATE – project cancelled

ABC announces that the book and Fox TV ‘special’ have been cancelled. Faced with a global PR disaster and stakeholder backlash, Rupert M himself has intervened to quash OJ and his publishers ghoulish attempt at profiteering. Pre-publicity from the publishers promised ‘a bone chilling account of the night of the murders’. Mr M said the project was ‘ill considered’, which to me points at a complete lack of strategic PR input at project planning stage. Perceptive PR scenario planning or crisis forecasting would have predicted the storm. Sheez, a 15yr old media studies schoolie would have picked it, too. Leaves us wondering what passes for PR in some so-called ‘corridors of power!

One thought on “OJ UPDATE – project cancelled

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more.
    It baffles me that this entire project passed through so many people without anyone having the smarts (balls?) to step up and question the whole idea.
    How much are these idiots being paid?!?


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