If I Did It, OJ…

Well, I probably wouldn’t metaphorically exhume the bodies in attempts to turn a dollar or two from a book on it.

Even battle-bittered Fox stalwart Bill O’Reilly (along with Geraldo) has spoken out against OJ’s tome. TV stations, newspapers and bookstores are being swamped with complaints and Amazon users are tagging the book with terms including ‘shameful’, ‘disgusting’ and ‘murderer’. So is any publicity good publicity? While the PR fallout continues, brazen publisher Judith Regan has gone to ground, along with her unavailable for comment publicist. But hey, when the media hounds are-a-baying, isn’t that when the publicist is supposed to be most available? Or does that simply confirm the deficiency of the one-way comms ‘press agentry’ model of PR?
(Thanks to ‘no capital blogspot’, plus William Booth and Lisa de Moraes of Washt’n Post)

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