Ad & Marketing PR gaffes

Seems like many companies are unwilling to learn from the mistakes of their predecessors. In Melbourne, Lee Jeans is under PR fire for an outdoor billboard that depicts a teenage girl in what’s been lambasted as a sexually available pose. Nationally, family homewares retailer Target, is under fire for selling padded bras for girls as young as 6 (which beats the old Abercrombie & Fitch 10-year old’s G-string by a mile!!).

So, is Lee just appealing to the lowest common denominator or trying to create more brand awareness by causing a stir? Is Target totally wide of the mark, or just dumb for failing to consider protective parent sentiment? I know where I stand.

2 thoughts on “Ad & Marketing PR gaffes

  1. I’d like to think that these companies have made a mistake but unfortunately I cant. They employ smart people who know what they are doing. They know that if they have a controversial campaign they get extra value for money.

    On another issue, why is it that the advertising (especially TV) companies have turned from stereotyping the housewife, to stereotyping the dad (and husbands to a lesser extent) as a useless, incompetent at anything to do around the house. And why hasnt there been an accompanying outcry, as there would be if it were women that were the subject of them.

    This is just my pet bitch about the media and advertising, but when you look at TV adverts it is becoming more of a trend.


  2. hey spike,
    with my PR hat on, i cant subscribe to the ‘all publicity is good publicity’ model – just ask the PRs at cadbury’s in the UK or at coke’s dasani branded water.
    on the ‘males as doofus’ front, yeah i’ve noticed it too but i’m feeling thick-skinned enough not to let it bother me.
    thanks for the feedback.


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