LaTrobe Annual Lecture & Bad News

Attended the La Trobe Uni Annual Media Studies lecture last night where the ACCC’s Graham Samuel talked engagingly about Australia’s changing media landscape. Broadly restated all the stuff I’ve been reading in Freidman’s The World Is Flat, but with a few Aussie specifics. So, I raised a few points from the floor:

I challenged his view on the ‘credibility’ of current media, citing the Fox Network, UK’s News of the World plus one or two rogue journos as evidence etc. Also asked if the increasingly participative & selective citizen media culture would lead to the end of fourth estate journalism & possibly the end of ‘spin’.

Graham declared that spin would never end and said that although 10,000 new blogs are created every day, 10,000 die every day. Credibility, he insisted, was still the key and he thought the the old media had it, while most bloggers have no real longstanding repute. A case of ‘plus ca change, plus ca meme chose’, then?

Much more interesting, though, was the fantastic new comedy show, Broken News on SBS . This scathing parody of internet age TV journalism – mostly trite and speculative – has me in stitches. With characters including Melanie Bellamy with the standing up news talking about Bolivia’s nuclear threat, a news report involving a triple handover to 3 reporters all called Ben, while newsflashes insisting that Mariah Carey demanded that the Alps be painted black before she toured Switzerland, really cracked me up. It’s a covert PR disaster for modern journalism, particularly because it makes the Machiavellian PR’s of Absolute Power look like rocket scientists in comparison.

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